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Tyler Durden

Tyler Durden

Also known as Helpful Tyler Durden. The quirky, rambunctious character immortalized by Brad Pitt in the movie Fight Club is the subject of this meme. In the movie, he often confronts the occasionally confused character played by Edward Norton, egging him on to do various things that normal, sane people would reconsider.

Tyler Durden has become a cult figure in his own right, spawning more than one meme and pop culture reference. Many lines from the film have also achieved iconic status, most notably: "The first rule of Fight Club – No one talks about Fight club".

His other helpful ideas include using discarded fat from liposuction to make bars of soap and sell them back to the women who unwittingly donated their fat in the first place. It is this kind of genius that is offered up when helpful Tyler Durdem gives advice.

The meme graphic shows a green and beige sunburst pattern behind a photo of Tyler Durden himself, as played by Mr. Pitt. Many of the references made in the meme relate directly back to lines in the film Fight Club.

Notable quotes from the text accompanying the meme graphic include: "I want you to troll me as hard as you can", and "Chased some fat f*ck with a baseball bat – He burned 300 calories today".


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