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Technologically Impaired Duck

Technologically Impaired Duck

Technologically Impaired Duck speaks for all those who are less than proficient with various forms of technology in a world where computer knowledge is absolutely essential. Technologically Impaired Duck demonstrates an utter and complete lack of technical knowledge, and the meme is popular with everyone who has ever had trouble with technology or has dealt with someone who is totally incompetent in the field.

There is something about ducks, too. They have both a silly and dignified air about them, so it would seem perfect to use one as a character to demonstrate all the things that go horribly wrong and all the incompetent solutions that are attempted to fix things.

The humor arises especially in instances where the duck comes up with ridiculous solutions or just misses the boat altogether with understanding what he is actually talking about, often misidentifying certain aspects of technology altogether.

The meme shows a photo of a duck centered on a background of multi colored beams emanating from it. The duck in question came from a stock photograph found at FreeFoto.com and appeared on the scene in 2009. The body of the duck has been cut out to become the focal point of the meme.

Notable quotes from Technologically Impaired Duck include: “How do I download more memory?” and “PHP? I don’t do drugs.”


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