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Socially Awesome Penguin

Socially Awesome Penguin

Socially Awesome Penguin is one of a slew of penguin-based memes. There is Socially Awkward Penguin, Socially Average Penguin, and even supposedly Socially Terrifying Penguin. There is a lack of data regarding some of the penguin series, but it can be determined that Socially Awesome Penguin is a penguin of extremes.

Within the genre, the penguin has the characteristic of being drastic and over the top for whatever he is doing or speaking about. This penguin does not take half measures for anything, and is convinced of his greatness.

Socially Awesome Penguin shows a photograph of a penguin, with his little flightless wings outstretched as if he was about to attempt flight. It is a side view photo so that the penguin is caught in profile. The bird is in the middle of a colored background that is designed such that it has a bit of a sun ray effect, with bolts of color emanating from it.

The text forms the caption to the meme, and in the case of Socially Awesome Penguin, it usually covers how the penguin in question is so much better in social situations than anyone else could ever be. It also demonstrates how totally bad-ass the penguin is, as well as being much cooler and tougher than others.

Notable examples of Socially Awesome Penguin include the captions: "Halloween costume – Self", and "Drink of choice – Baby tears".


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