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Obviously, the best place to acquire philosophical musings is from a velociraptor. And the best velociraptor to go to in order to ponder the deeper meanings of life is Philosoraptor.

Philosoraptor muses about all the questions in our lives that we should be asking. Sure, Plato had some interesting thoughts. Aristotle made some minor contributions. But it was only Philosoraptor who had the courage, the fortitude, and the insight to ask: "If a vegetarian eats vegetables, does a humanitarian eat humans?" Indeed, these are valuable philosophical thoughts for our time.

The good old Philosoraptor will commonly show up on a single panel sticker or poster format, with a picture of his fine looking mug and whatever he is musing about shown in text around him. He goes where other humans and velociraptors fear to go in philosophical debates.

The intensely intelligent musings of the Philosoraptor are many. One of the prime locations for Philosoraptor to show up is at the office or at school. If you see a square-ish photo of a wildly intelligent looking dinosaur, chances are someone has displayed some of his wisdom.

The green, scaly pontificator himself is a large proponent of gay rights. You will find that he is able to pick apart and examine all the fallacies inherent in the poor treatment of gay people in society. Philosoraptor states: "Why do the religious say that sin is natural, but homosexuality is unnatural, even though they consider it a sin?" Good question, Philosoraptor. Good question.


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