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There are numerous My Little Pony memes, with a number of different versions and catchphrases.

My Little Pony began as a children’s toy many years ago, but has since enjoyed a resurgence due to a popular children’s cartoon based on the horses. In addition, society has learned of "Bronies", who are the male fans of the toy/program and a subset all of themselves.

A Brony is a male who enjoys anything having to do with My Little Pony. "Bronies" is the plural of Brony, meaning many male fans of My Little Pony. Though gender-specific, Bronies refer to males of any sexual orientation who enjoy things having to do with My Little Pony.

The original My Little Pony toys featured a number of different ponies, all identifiable by their differently-decorated hindquarters. Some had stars, some had rainbows, etc.

The taglines for the My Little Pony meme borrow heavily from the children’s cartoon entitled "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic".

One of the phrases used is "Brohoof". This is a variation of the infamous "Bro fist", where two guys bump fists with each other as a form of greeting or celebration at moments where a high five would also be appropriate.

Another term bandied about is "Parasprites". This is a villain-type character in the cartoon, and the term is often used to refer to a troll, and renaming trolls as Parasprites has become common when My Little Pony references are used.

Yet another Pony-related catchphrase used in memes is "It needs to be about 20 percent cooler". This phrase was uttered by one of the Pony characters, Rainbow dash, in the cartoon in the fourteenth episode which was called "Suited for Success".

There are numerous other Pony-inspired phrases that may be used in the meme including:

* "10 Seconds Flat"
* "Forever"
* "Orbital Friendship Cannon"
* "Oatmeal? Are you crazy?"
* "And that’s how Equestria was made"
* "Yay"
* "Cutie mark crusaders X, Yay!" and "Yup"

NSFW phrases:

* Candy vag – Based on the assumption that the Rainbow Dash character is a lesbian, and often used in a graphic where she appears to be going after something.
* Wingboner – Much like a boner, but with wings.
* Clopping – Considered to be parallel with "fapping".


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