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Keskiverto Pakkislainen

Keskiverto Pakkislainen

Keskiverto Pakkislainen (rough translation from Finnish: Average Dude at Pakkotoisto.com) is the active member at a bodybuilding forum.
He (falsely) considers himself to know everything about training and nutrition - and isn't afraid to let everybody know. Keskiverto Pakkislainen may also be an active mixed martial arts (MMA) fan, although rarely any good at it himself. This guy often has conservative and straightforward values and he's a die-hard proponent of them.
Keskiverto Pakkislainen is a huge fan of bodybuilding and/or powerlifting. He doesn't understand any other sport and considers them inferior. He'll do almost anything to become as hardcore trainer as possible. Even to the point of absurdity. This is OK, though, because in his own little world, Keskiverto Pakkislainen is the King of the Gym and everybody envies him because of it.


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