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Fuck Yeah

The Fuck Yeah Guy, also known as Fuck Yea, appeared on the scene around 2010. He is part of a four-paneled blank cartoon. A simple black and white line drawing, yet nonetheless quite expressive, he conveys a sense of finality and with his bold statement wins (at least in his mind) any argument with the aforementioned punctuation.

Al those little moments where we claim tiny victories are the bailiwick of Fuck Yeah Guy. Did you get in the shorter line? Fuck Yeah! Squash that empty soda can that was in the middle of the street with the wheel of your car? Fuck Yeah! Make that crumpled up piece of paper into the wastebasket all the way across the room? Fuck. Yeah.

This is another example of a meme where a very simple but universal concept is depicted, and one of the things that makes it so popular is that it is familiar to most people, who understand right away what the feeling or expression is and can relate it to their own lives very easily.

There have been many variations of this meme, most of which are depicted visually with stick figures drawn in the preceding three panels, but a few variations have taken the four-paneled theme and condensed it into a single panel.

Notable versions of the Fuck Yeah Guy include a drawing of the triumphant figure with these passages: "Realize that your shirt doesn’t need ironing – Fuck Yeah!", and "8 Likes on status – Fuck Yeah!"


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