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Fallout 3

The Fallout 3 meme is based on the popular video game, Fallout 3. It follows a predictable and familiar meme format, using a cartoon head in the middle that is happy and cheerful and ironically different from the hard core action found in the actual game itself.

The meme has a background of a bright yellow and white starburst. Centered in the middle of that is a ‘50s style cartoon drawing of a man smiling. It looks like a cross between the Archie comics of old and Orphan Annie, also from an earlier time.

Players of Falloout 3 will recognize the phrases and terms used in this meme, but it may be difficult for others who have not played the game to catch the funniness of it, although often one doesn’t have to know specifics in order to be able to appreciate the object being made fun of.

One notable example of the Fallout 3 meme is the photo with the caption: "Reverse-pickpocketed a grenade into that bitch’s pants, turns out bitches don’t love that", and "Cant’ travel to that location – Fuck".


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