Drew Pickles: The Gayest Man In The World

Drew Pickles: The Gayest Man In The World

Drew Pickles is the gayest man in the world. He has a 300 mile long penis and a pair of 6000 pound testicles (3000 pounds each). He likes shoving dildos and buttplugs up his ass and masturbating to gay scat porn. He brutally rapes hundreds upon thousands of men on a daily basis. He has no motivation behind his rapings, but only to have a swell time. His boyfriend is Ronald McDonald, best known to most of you chicken f*ckers as the "Penis Clown". He is the leader of the Barney Bunch; a group which consists of some of the world's most homosexual organisms such as Barney The Triple Testicle Dinosaur, Doug "Cleveland Steamer" Funny, Anthony "Vice President Penis" Wiener, and many other swell faggots.
Drew Pickles was originally from Rugrats and his meme and the Barney Bunch started to gain popularity on Newgrounds.com in 2005 as a spammer group. After the Barney Bunch was practically frowned upon during it's time on Newgrounds, the meme somehow migrated to YouTube where Drew Pickles' popularity increased along with the Barney Bunch. Most of the Drew Pickles videos have been given titles such as "Drew Pickles Goes To...", "How to Unlock Drew Pickles In...", etc. The majority of the videos with Drew Pickles in them are made on a text-to-speech program known as Speakonia. The group of people who create Drew Pickles videos or any other form of text-to-speech videos are referred to as part of the "Speakonia Community". Here are a list of well-known Speakonia Community members:

Check out the semi-official Drew Pickles fan page on Fassabook: http://www.facebook.com/EnjoiTheSwellness69

This meme was made by "MrBagswell".


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