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Cool Dog

The photo that the Cool Dog meme was derived from is one of those magical photo moments that are rarely captured but remain funny forever. These chance photos capture a moment that otherwise could not be repeated, no matter how hard someone tried. Cool Dog is definitely one of these, and subsequently had an entire meme spring up around it.

The photo itself shows a dog of the Shiba Inu breed casually leaning over the roof of a doghouse. With the way that its elbow is bent, it looks almost exactly like a human pose, which is what makes it so funny. The dog is looking right at the camera as if to say, "hey there", but it is his delightfully non-canine pose that has captured the hearts and laughter of the meme world.

Cool dog embodies everything that is cool. With such a cool picture, it is easy to see how the meme has been developed, since the canine in question appear to ooze a wise, worldly attitude. As such, the text that accompanies the variations of the meme reflects all things considered to be the epitome of cool.

Notable examples of Cool Dog include the photo with captions: "I prefer more. .. But I guess 3 girls at one time is cool", as well as an appearance using the background of the motivational poster style.


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