She is cute & sassy. I would love to see more work by her. Menu


@ Anon 9294: If Obama, Oprah, Shaq and Morgan Freeman can make it in this 'disproportionately hazardous' world... why can't you??


That's wassup...the entirety of the black community should not vote for either one of these incompetent clowns until one of them address and offer concrete solutions to the disproportionately large share of the hazards of life that black people find themselves within the United States


Watch RT much? This meme is nothing but kremlin propaganda.


what is really up is that the porcine brown sow in the picture won't ever vote...why...because you have to be literate to vote and this boon to busy wit de hair extensions and attitude to do anything but critique everything around he sloppy hood cause she don't know shit bout nuttin...cept maybe food stamps, fo sure bad taste and crack breaks as often as needed.


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