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Insanity Scene Wolf

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Insanity Scene Wolf

Has Bad Hair day, Is Crazy

Insanity Scene Wolf is also known as Scene Wolf, not to be confused with Insanity Wolf.

This is where memes can get confusing, as derivatives are made of derivatives. To recap, Insanity wolf is the deranged, mentally unbalanced relative of Courage Wolf. From there, Scene Wolf was developed. Although Scene Wolf is a bit unbalanced, it is not to be mistaken for Insanity Wolf.

Scene Wolf has to do with people who are in the “scene”, aka people who are down with it, cool, and otherwise “in” on things that are happening. “Scene Girls” appear to be a derivative of the “scene” people.

In general, scene has been used to describe different subcultures throughout modern history, such as the grunge scene, indie scene, etc. But scene girls have usurped the word and now it refers to a particular type of girl who dresses in the “scene” way, which can be anything from metallic shorts to pink frosted hair tips and body paint. Evidently excessive bracelet wearing is also a hallmark of a scene girl.

Scene Wolf combines two graphics – the wolf graphic used in Insanity wolf, and the hair of a young, rebellious girl, which is why the wolf in question now sports pink tresses with a black and white stripe theme. This is also known as “scene” hair. The combination creates an extremely funny-looking wolf – Scene Wolf.

The template for this meme features a brightly colored background with the typical sunburst pattern that has been modified to include stars, stripes, checkers, plaid, and a wee little Hello Kitty doll right below the wolf.

The meme seems to have to do with that rebellious streak that kids demonstrate to their parents as they are spreading their youthful wings and becoming more independent.

Notable quotes from variations of the meme include: “OMG Mom! I’m not a slut! I’m just providing sexual services to other persons in return for payment”, and “OMG Mom – Lesbian sex won’t make me pregnant!”

Insanity Scene Wolf has 2 templates

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