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Good Guy Reginald

Good Guy Reginald

Good Guy Reginald started after a a series of events stemming from a scandal that took place during the USA WCG qualifiers. Originally, team CDE (the team Reginald played for) came out of the losers bracket to play in the finals in a double elimination 1-game advantage set against team Dignitas. Somehow, they managed to win 2 games in a row and won the ability to play in the WCG finals in South Korea. Even after Dignitas admitted defeat and congratulated CDE, Voyboy sent an email to the event admin telling him that Canada played 2 sets in the Canadian qualifier finals (which of course isn't true) and managed to get an extra set, and then won the second set. On top of this, Scumbag Jatt played in the Canadian qualifiers AND the US qualifiers (a member of Dignitas), which isn't allowed and was clearly stated in the rules. Reginald went on, and from then on was known as Good Guy Reginald, and the faggot on Dignitas is now known as Scumbag Jatt.


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